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This book, sometimes published as just Mayday, is more traditionally considered the very first Dirk Pitt novel. In this adventure, Dirk Pitt is forced to infiltrate an international drug smuggling ring, which is lead by an ex German pilot who fought in the World Wars. Dirk Pitt, along with his best friend and trust comrade Al Giordino, are traveling on their own assignment in the Aegean Sea where this particular adventure takes place , when they come across a distress call from Brady Air Force Base.

Apparently there is an old German WWI plane, an antiquated plane with a low speed and very little ability, that is attacking the base by strafing runways and firing at immobile vehicles. Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino engage in an all out dogfight with the German place, before leaving with victory in their hands. This is all just how the adventure begins.

The story continues with more excitement and attacks as Dirk Pitt is forced to content with the evil Bruno Von Till, who turns out to be the mastermind behind the drug smuggling organization that is causing all of the trouble. It is a long and complex tale with plenty of twists and turns that will surprise readers, as is typical of all of the Dirk Pitt adventure stories.

Iceberg is the next story in the long, winding series of adventure novels about Dirk Pitt. This time he is forced off of his vacation early, as he is needed for a top secret mission involving a ship that has crashed into an iceberg sometime in the past. As usual, he and his comrade Al Giordino, go off in search of answers to this mysterious set of events, this time under the command of Admiral Sandecker, who becomes a regular, returning character in the adventures of Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results.

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Dirk Pitt Books In Order. The events of Pacific Vortex! They are great entertainment on long drives, or commuting. Pitt pretends to be gay in this one in order to loll the main villain into underestimating his abilities. Pitt is sent to help a scientist find a ship that was frozen into an iceberg. The iceberg had been marked with dye, but someone didn't want them to find it to soon, so had actually removed it to 'hide' it back among the other icebergs. After finding it, Pitts life became much more complicated. A missing luxury yacht is found encased in an iceberg by a Coast Guard air patrol, but within a week of the discovery that bizarre sight won't be the only thing that isn't what it seems.

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F Major to the north Atlantic and Iceland then to Disneyland. Bill Hunnewell to search for the ship before heading to Iceland. The two commandeer a U. Coast Guard cutter as a base of operations along the way, which proves fortuitous as the helicopter is low on fuel after a wild goose chase for the iceberg. Finding a way into the ship, they find it burned along with the crew as well as the owner, Kristjan Fyrie who is identified by Hunnewell who worked with him.

As they head for Iceland, the two are attacked by a black jet and Hunnewell is mortally wounded while Pitt uses the helicopter to take out the jet before crash landing just off shore. Pitt survives an attempt on his life by two thugs disguised as local Icelandic police before eventually getting to the American consulate in Reykjavik. Sandecker offers to send Pitt back on his vacation, but as he suspects Pitt wants to find who killed him. The Admiral then orders Pitt to get close to Kristjan Fyrie's twin sister who is now Iceland's wealthiest person and who has shied away from the working with the U.

After several escapes with Sandecker and a National Intelligence Agent respectfully, Pitt and Sandecker's secretary are invited to party at Rondheim's home which is a trap for several wealthy and politically important men from around the globe so they can die while a cabal of wealth businessmen that include Rondheim and Fyrie play to take over all of Central and South America.

Rondheim beats the presumably gay Pitt and leaves him and the others to die in a remote part of Iceland. Pitt is able to find help and save nearly everyone, while in the hospital the head of the National Intelligence Agency swindles Pitt from NUMA to Disneyland so stop a duel assassination of Latin American leaders.

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Pitt gets revenge on Rondheim and then makes a deal with Fyrie, who had been Rondheim's puppet after he learned Kirsti was actually Kristjan after a sex change. Like The Mediterranean Caper this was a quick paced book, but this time there was a larger cast of characters instead of a tiny one that was present in both Pacific Vortex and Caper. Iceberg improved in narrative flow over its predecessor as well as making the characters a little more rounded, but still the one-dimensional characters were still prevent.

While Dirk Pitt wasn't as big of a However the biggest hole in the book is the missing of Pitt's best friend, Al Giordino, a mistake that Cussler never made again.

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Iceberg shows improvement in narrative and characters to an extent, but some of the choices Cussler made negated them. Overall I can't give this a lesser or better rating that the first Dirk Pitt book, but if there is anyone interested in getting into this series I don't recommend starting with some of these early books. Read books later in the series and then come back to these early ones.

I now that Clive Cussler at times makes Dirk Pitt to be a chauvinist playboy. I'm willing to overlook this like I do with James Bond movies because I find the stories fun and adventurous. But this one disappointed me, especially his overuse of the word queer. I have not read all of his books in this series but this one I give only 2 out of five.

I was disappointed. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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